Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Some heros ware capes... mine wears army boots

Chase David Martin was born July 7, 1988 to Julia Townsend and Dave Martin. He was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho and lived there his whole childhood and teenage years. He now resides in North Shore Hawaii. Chase is the oldest of three children. A brother, Ashton and sister Hayden. Our soldier celebrated his 21 birthday in Iraq fighting for our freedom. Hopefully he will spend his next birthday home with his family where he belongs. He is our hero and can not tell him that enough. Thank you chase for loving me more than i deserve. Come home soon. LOVE your HAWAIIAN babies..


marissa89 said...

You are a lot stronger woman than I am. It amazes me that you somehow manage to keep things together for you and Parker. You are such an amazing person and I love you!

A Piece of the Petersons said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHASE! (sorry its a day late) .... Miss u! - Mike Whit & Brownie

Brooke Bird said...

happy bday Chase you are missed....kristen where r the new posts...you told meit would be up 2 days ago...ru slacking love ya mom