Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For Mom, Parkers space..

the window is about 48 inches by 48 inches. i like the curtains to be a little longer than his window tho. i painted the stool and the crate to hold his cars... i cant figure out what to put on the shelves... and i need some other decor i need a bedskirt too... colors would be, yellow, green, blue (navy and sky) and red. im also debating on changing the look of the dresser.. big projects but i get the love for em from you! this is the 3rd time i have changed his room and need to settle with a 3 year old look so.. not too young yet fun and he could keep it till we switch him to a twin... let me know what you think!


mama bic said...

Okay its too early to call u I have a huge day to be ready to leave..i Ordered all parkies Bday stuff it is being shippped directly to him..But the movies gave an estmated arrival date as any time between Feb 18 to March 5!!!crazy. Im hoping they r there for his b day! Watch for them.. Im mailing the other stuff from here this afternoon.. Love ya Mom

A Piece of the Petersons said...

how cute!!! A big boy room!! I bet he is sooo excited for his birthday! We love his new "space" -love ya, whit