Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The one about HALLOWEEN

Im jumping the gun a little on this one, but im so excited i just couldn't hold it all in!


LOVE it all! (well the scary stuff i LOVE to be fake)

Parker is so excited for Halloween. It one of our FAV holidays. This October is extra special for many reasons.

1. OUR HALLOWEEN BABY! how crazy that she is due on a FAV holiday?
2. Grandpa and Grandma Walker and Grandma J are coming out (yet to nail down schedules)
3. Parker loves to dress up and ask for candy and its so fun to watch him
4. Chase... This will be about the first Halloween he gets to spend with his almost 4 year old boy. I say ALMOST because there was one other time when parker was 2, but i dont count that because we went to 3 houses Parker was so sick and throwing up. Chase was in basic for the 1 and 3 he just got home from Iraq but he had to work late and did not get home till late that night. next year Chase will again be in Iraq so i am DETERMINED to go BIG and make this one special. to everyone. (I was sick last year) Parker was sick the year before and the year before he was just hanging out unable to do much.

like i said go BIG or go home. Parker is just as into Halloween as i am and even made me pull out last years decor in July. (of course its not up yet) just hanging around the house as his play things... he loves all of the scary stuff. So this year we are doing it up big. For all the reasons listed above and my own shear pleasure (and parkers). So here is what im thinking...

How awesome and easy is this? all you do is print out the template for the mice on Martha Stewart's craft blog, trace onto black paper and tape up.

Also on Marthas blog.... love this one too.

I love this idea too, i like how they embellished the letters. they seem so easy to make... we will see..

more ideas floating around in my head...

I found so many cute wreaths, im sure ill only do one but its hard to choose...

of course cob web draped over things. i would like to find a runner for my square table. maybe some garland wrapped around my curtain rods? im makeing pumpkin shaped pancakes and putting faces on some glasses for pumpkins and filling with oj...

like a said its a bit early but hey im not going to want to do much when im awaiting our lil ladies arrival in october so i figure next month is Fall enough :) im feeling super crafty lately and so is Parker so ill let you know how our crafts and decorating work out.

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