Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Paityn was born on Oct. 20 2010 at 4:13 p.m. She weighed 6 lbs. 4 oz. and 19 in. long. The hospital story is an interesting one..... PART 1- THE HOSPITAL
After three days of my mom and Chase trying EVERYTHING to get Paityn here I had a Dr. appt. Where it was concluded that was only at a 2 and not thinned out. So thanks to mom and Chase i had my membranes stripped. (WARNING! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT DOING THIS! SUUUUUUUPER PAINFUL FOR HOURS!) the Dr. said it usually takes a couple days to go into labor after and it only works if the baby is ready to come out. Also I seem to take after
mom and have difficult pregnancies so because the water level was low I had to go to the hospital or as i like to call it the PINK PALACE (see above pic for reference), where I got a non-stress test and had a couple contractions. Next they did the ultrasound and my water level was low so then i had to go to the labor and delivery unit for ANOTHER stress test but this one was 2 fetching hours long! The contractions were getting unbearable but i thought "your only at a two you wuss keep it together!" My contractions were every 3 min and off the charts so they came to check me. yet again only a two. So they were going to send me home but decided my
contractions were to regular so they decided to induce me even tho they are not supposed to until after your actual due date. We got to the room and i began yelling for an epidural. Parker was in the room so i was trying my HARDEST not to freak him out he was already stressed out seeing me in the hospital bed. They took their sweet time getting info and getting me ready for a balloon pump. The dr. came in and the nurse said to check me first before induction and low and behold i was at an 8! i was pretty stocked that i was in fact not being a baby but that i was simply about ready to push hence the incredibly painful contractions. After it taking what seemed like FOREVER i got the epidural, to my horror only the right side took... YES ladies and gents i felt EVERYTHING on my left side.... the nurse told me to lay on my left and
maybe the medication would spread.... not a chance. The Dr. guessed about an hour and a half before delivery so the nurse went out and said call me when you need to push. 10 min later i was pushing. the Dr. were running from room to room due to multiple deliveries so a group of nurses say "whelp its up to us" ha ha not a chance i will hold her in till i get a Dr! LUCKILY they came in the room before i even had the chance to protest. So then came the delivery and our lil girl was born! (still feeling EVERYTHING)

After only 5 hours of labor she was here.. VERY quickly. i was only in the hospital about 24 hours before we went home. we are so happy our little girl is here and healthy! All the trouble with my pregnancy and the pain with the delivery was worth it and id do it again for her

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Hilary and Brian said...

Congratulations! She is adorable! Uhh I'm too scared to have kids now haha jk, I'm glad your okay!