Monday, May 31, 2010

better late than never,

I always come look at everyone else's blogs and figured i should really update um all 2 of you? this could be a very long post!

1. we moved into our new house a couple months ago, we love living on this side of the island its always sunny and happy. we have good neighbors and all access pool that park cant get enough of! He loves to play with our neighbor whom everyone calls bumsy (including parker)

2. when we had our first dr. appt they thought the baby was to small to keep an original due date of oct. 21 and moved it to oct. 31. we are now expecting a little Halloween baby. I am now 18 weeks pregnant and we are just a few shy weeks of knowing the sex! we can not wait!

this is what my belly looked like at 5 weeks pregnant

this is 18 weeks

18 weeks

3. Chase is going to the board on the 21 of June to become a SGT! we are so proud of him. he is a little nervous but i know he will be just fine!

4. Chases unit is scheduled to deploy AGAIN this Nov. he is going to turn in his packet to go back to AIT for counter intel. if all goes well he will not deploy and we will move to Arizona this fall.

5. Parker saw a buzzlightyear costume at the Disney store and asked everyday "can i have that buzz light year finger?" (the gloves that came with the costume) i finally caved and ever since, it has been his favorite thing to ware.

6. last but not least.... my little boy woke up fine this morning, but low and behold this evening he has a watery, swollen, gooey eye. it could be a number of things like a clogged duct or something bothering his eye or that his mother keeps wiping it and could be irritating it more... but i think its pink eye... which is caused by alot of different things but im still not quite sure where he would have picked it up... anyways it is labor day so nothing but the acc is open and the pharmacy is closed which is where we would get the drops to cure the infection so i have to let it go tonight pray its better in the morning if not, its to the pediatrician and eye drops for park... which will be a nightmare! i feel so bad for the little guy but he is not complaning at all! unless i come after him with a cotton ball! I feel like i have to wash everyones hands every ten min. and sanitize everything! im so worried that it will get to his other eye or mine or chases (seems inevitable tho, we are his parents) i am thinking that once we get the drops im going to have to wash all his toys his bedding, door handles and ect. (ill ask the dr) chase would call me a worry wart. chase on the other hand said he would not mind if he got it,,, quarters for him for 48 hrs if that happens. which means basically a snow day from work. ill just keep praying it goes away tonight!

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A Piece of the Petersons said...

WooHoo!!! A new post! Your baby belly!!! Shutup!!! How cute is that.... That tiny little belly makes those tiny little leggs of yours look even littler... I wish you guys were here! And Parky- I just wanna squeeze that little buzz light year :) And we hope his eye gets feeling better too! Keep us posted! Call me the second you find out what that baby is.. Even call me before you call mom (haha) Love you Kris!!!