Friday, June 18, 2010

Wild child

Our Beautiful baby girl... she is a "wild woman" as the ultrasound tech said. She moved so much during the ultrasound that it was hard to get pics. She sure loves her fingers though! The ultra sound tech also went on so say that when she gets bigger i will be miserable. I didnt need to ask why i can already feel all the movements and they will only get stronger. She is 9 oz. so just a little smaller than she is supposed to be.... but Parker was little too so im not worried. We also found out she has an irregular heart beat and its too fast. 99 percent of the time the problem fixes itself but there is that 1 percent chance that it wont and her little heart will go into distress and fail. Luckily all her "plumbing" as the tech put it is hooked up right and all chamber of her heart look good. We have another ultrasound with heart specialists, but by that time the Dr. thinks it will have fixed itself. I am confident that it will. she has a strong heart and everything looks good so we are not worried.

Last night i had to eat a sugar cookie that was just staring me in the face... it was taunting me... and im not the only one that craved it right? Babies know what they want too. It was good and sugary. BUT i will never do that again! Our little WILD WOMAN proceeded to kick and move and nudge for an hour after that while i tried and failed to sleep..... no sugar after 7 :)

we are so excited to have the best of both worlds and park is starting to like that he is going to get a sibling... although he keeps asking for a baby broder..... we cant wait to meet her!

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