Thursday, July 22, 2010

High heels and combat boots...

Dear Lord,
Give me the greatness of heart to see the difference between duty and his love for me. Give me understanding that I may know, when duty calls him he must go. Give me a task to do each day, to fill the time when he's away. And Lord, when he's in a foreign land, keep him safe in your loving hand. And Lord, when duty is in the field, please protect him and be his shield. And Lord, when deployment is so long, please stay with me and keep me strong. Amen.

SGT. Chase Martin will be deploying at the end of the year. Our baby girl will only be a few months old when he leaves. This will be his second deployment and it never get easier. He has not even been home a year since his last tour and we got the fateful news that he will leave this Dec. I think alot of Americans forget how devastating this is on families. I think people are not as aware of war as they were a few years ago. It is very much still alive and taking husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, friends and separating families to keep our country a free one. Here are a few statistics that i want to share...

1. 85,000 U.S. troops as of Feb. 28, 2010 are in Iraq.

2. U.S. troop casualties- 4,413. 98 % male, 91% non-officers, 82% active duty, 11% nation guard, 54% of the casualties were under the age of 25, 72% were from the U.S. ARMY.

3. U.S. troops wounded- 31,874 20% of which are serious brain or spiral injuries.

4. 30% of U.S. troops develop serious mental problems within 3-4 months of returning home.

People loose their lives everyday, they uproot and move over seas for a year sometimes longer. They leave everything they love and know behind to keep us safe. To these service members we owe our freedom. So lets keep them in mind and remember there is still a war weather we like it or not. One of the best things to do to keep up soldiers moral is to let them know we still care and support them. LETS SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!


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Trevor and Jasmine Walker said...

hey! thanks for that.. its nice to know that there are ppl in my same shoes that I know. Your pretty stong to live where you do with no family around. wow! I may need your help through this so I may be getting in touch with you :) its scary! Maybe if you come around here while he is gone we can get together! Good luck!